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What’s happening at the ONG : Resto du Cœur

The Resto du Coeur are a NGO and a NPO.  We fight against poverty everywhere in Belgium. 

We regularly organise actions, food and funds collections, as well as partnerships with businesses and institutions, so as to ensure that the Resto du Cœur Belgium are here to stay!


In 1989, no one believed that, 30 years later, there would still be requests for aid.
Unfortunately, today we are still faced with situations which drive
the Belgian Federation of the Resto du Coeur to ask for everybody’s help.
The most deprived among us need help, not pity.
We are extremely grateful for your financial help.
On the next pages you will find all the actions we’re carrying out throughout the year.

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How can you help us?

Make a donation

You can make a donation of €3, €10 or €30 per month.

By donating €3 a month, you’ll be offering 1 full hot meal for one person every month.
By donating €10 a month, you’ll be offering a food parcel that will feed a family of 3 for a week.
By donating €30 a month, you’ll be offering a full hot meal, Monday to Friday, for two weeks!

Don’t forget: you get a 45% tax deduction as of  a €40 donation (per calendar year).


Or by bank transfer: IBAN: BE44 2400 3333 3345 with reference 01G007082010

Become a volunteer!

What we expect from you

  • Professionalism and diligence
  • An open mind
  • A lot of tolerance
  • The ability to work as part of a team

What you will find  when working with us

  • Many contacts
  • A warm atmosphere
  • A competent team

If you want to work in the field and/or offer your services as a volunteer, please contact your area’s Resto du Cœur directly.

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How were the Resto du Cœur created?

In the winter of 1985, Europe’s fridges and grain silos are full.
Yet bellies are empty and once more, people will die of cold and hunger …

With the help of a politician, people from Wallonia table a motion on poverty in Europe at the European Parliament in Strasburg. Unfortunately though, the idea isn’t favoured …
… It does, however, appeal to one artist in France, a clown named Coluche (Michel Colucci), who raises his voice and calls out to the French people via the airwaves of Europe 1 on 26 September 1985.

The appeal is heard by students of the Solvay Business School. Artists, politicians, farmers and anonymous individuals move to action, together with journalists, supported by major retail groups. 21 December 1985 marks the official opening of the Resto du Cœur in Belgium.

Find out more about the creation of the Resto du Cœur

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