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Become a partner!

The Resto du Cœur are constantly looking for partners to organise personalised actions. And since every partner is unique, we will set up the action in collaboration with you…

Of course, the project needs to have some added value for the Resto du Cœur and it must be in line with our values. Would you like to find out more? Feel free to contact us straightaway!

Would you like to organise a food collection for one of the Resto du Cœur?

First, get in touch with the person in charge of your nearest Resto du Cœur, let him/her know about your action and find out what he/she needs.
To give you an idea, here’s a list of the products we use regularly at our restaurants. Whether used in the cooking of meals to be eaten in or taken away, or to put together food parcels, the following items are useful to the Resto du Cœur:

  • Tinned peeled tomatoes (3 or 5kg), various kinds of tomato sauce or vegetable medleys such as ratatouille.
  • Tinned vegetables, spinach, beans, peas and carrots, mixed vegetables, corn, mushrooms (large tins), tinned soup, etc.
  • Apple sauce, tinned fruit, peaches, pears, mixed fruit, etc.
  • Tinned meat, goulash, vol-au-vent, meatballs, Frankfurt sausages, etc.
  • Tinned fish, tuna, sardines…
  • Full ready-made meals: ravioli, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti bolognaise, pickled cabbage, cassoulet, stews, couscous, paella, etc.
  • Various fish and meat salads in tins that are easy to open, etc.
  • Coffee, milk, sugar.
  • Specifically for breakfast: Kellogg’s, jams, syrup, crackers, cocoa, etc.

The large tins are used in the kitchen; the smaller ones are for the restaurant’s customers.

Everything is welcome, though try and avoid the collection of pasta and rice, because we already have an abundance of starchy food, which is also widely used by poor people as it’s a cheap product.

We would rather your collection was smaller, but contained products that poor families can’t afford.



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