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Food support

Federation des restos du coeur aide alimentaire
  1. Resto du Cœur: the restaurant is open from January to December. This is the basic concept of our organisation. About 620,000 hot meals are served every year. A hot meal must meet at least 2 criteria: diversity (e.g. meat, vegetables, potatoes) and sufficient quantity to make a day’s main meal. In 2011, we saw a 20% rise in the number of meals served.

    Belgian restos du coeur 620000 meals per year
  2. Parcel: a parcel comprises several daily food rations. Each ration must be equal to a day’s meal for one person.

    Belgian restos du coeur 250000 emergency parcels
  3. School dinners: We offer dinners for school children living with the people we’re helping.

  4. Home delivery of parcels for people with reduced mobility.



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