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Health care support

Federation des restos du coeur aide aux soins de sante

  1. Free clinic
    People who are homeless, without health insurance or whose health insurance is not up-to-date can receive medical attention at the free clinic, provided Social Services have given their approval. We offer these patients support to allow them to get back into the health care system. Furthermore, customers at the Resto du Cœur can get medication, depending on availability, if they have a prescription from their GP. No medication is given without approval from the Resto’s doctor.

  2. Mother/baby area
    This service helps mums put together their maternity bag. We provide them with special baby milk, nappies, fruit, biscuits, etc.

  3. We hand out clothes for children up to 5 years old.
    At the start of a new school year, we offer new or second-hand school supplies (dictionaries, folders, pens, pencil cases, gym bag, schoolbag)

  4. Sanitary facilities
    Dignity also implies personal hygiene! This service is sometimes combined with a laundrette, so that personal hygiene can be extended to clean clothes.


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