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Other partners

We regularly collect food and funds and set up partnerships with businesses and institutions to keep the Belgian Resto du Cœur running. There’s no typical partnership: everything is possible, as long as the aims and values of the Resto du Cœur are in line with the nature of the project! Thus, the project can be defined in accordance with the partner’s characteristics and possibilities.


BoubasudThroughout the month of February, Boubasud offered a meal at the Restos du Coeur for every meal sold. Some 20,000 meals in all will ultimately be offered by this company to the Restos du Coeur. Many thanks!

More information about Boubasud

NN Insurance

NN AssurancesMany thanks to NN Insurance that, this year again, has given us the opportunity to buy 95.000 diapers for the children of the Resto du Coeur.

More information about NN Insurance


delhaize fruits et legumes restos du coeur belgiqueDelhaize provides fresh fruit and vegetables to the Restos du Coeur every Friday.

More information about Delhaize

Socio-professional integration objective

The Federation of the Resto du Cœur aims to properly reintegrate its customers via a training structure focused on integration. So it called upon the Ministry of Employment and Training for the non-profit sector, with the objective to set up a project of socio-professional integration.

Appeal for food surpluses

The Federation of the Resto du Cœur would like to collect more food production surpluses in a process that meets the FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) standards. That’s why it actively calls upon Walloon, Flemish and Brussels companies.


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