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punctual partnership

 We regularly collect food and funds and set up partnerships with businesses and institutions to keep the Belgian Resto du Cœur running. There’s no typical partnership: everything is possible, as long as the aims and values of the Resto du Cœur are in line with the nature of the project! Thus, the project can be defined in accordance with the partner’s characteristics and possibilities.

Juin 2020


Eggusto logo

This company which manufactures fresh and organic pasta was absolutely keen to help us and donated 86 kilos of pasta which we were able to redistribute throughout our network.

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Barilla – Logos Download

Barilla gave us more than 10 tonnes of pasta! In this difficult period where our stocks ran out quickly, we were very happy to sign this partnership with them. Or, nearly 100,000 portions of pasta that will be distributed in the form of meal packages.

Plus d'informations sur Barilla



Herta n'est pas à vendre


In partnership with Nestlé, we received from Herta a few tonnes of ham of different varieties, bacon, grated chicken, ... and 320 kg of pizza dough!

Plus d'informations sur Herta


Almo Nature

Découvrez nos marques exclusives: - Vadigran

Almo Nature specializes in quality food for dogs and cats! Thanks to them, we will be able to distribute more than 5 tonnes of kibbles and patées for dogs and cats!


More information about Almo Nature



L'évolution du logo Nestlé – Communication Gourmande

Thanks to Nestlé, we will be able to distribute cereals and breakfast cookies to our 17 Restos du Coeur in Belgium! In total more than 2 tonnes of products will be redistributed!

More information about Nesltlé


Mai 2020




12 pallets is the quantity of frozen vegetables that we received from the company Ardo in order to offer balanced packages.

More information about Ardo



Maniet Luxus

Logo Chaussure ManietLuxus

Manit Luxus has given us over 2,600 pairs of new shoes! This important donation will restore dignity to our hundreds of beneficiaries by offering them an essential product. This solidarity is the very foundation of the existence of Restos du Coeur.

More information about Maniet Luxus




Edenred Digital use

Donate with Ticket Restaurant ?! This is what Edenred offered us!

More information about Edenred




"Soubry: the taste of being together" declares the Belgian manufacturer of pasta in his communication. Thanks to its collaboration with Restos du Coeur, Soubry wants to help bring people together and fill empty stomachs in a healthy and nutritious way.
Soubry offers 7 tonnes of pasta at Restos du Coeur in 2018 and 2019, which equates to 70,000 servings of pasta in our restaurants and meal plans!


More information about Soubry


NN Insurance

NN AssurancesMany thanks to NN Insurance that, this year again, has given us the opportunity to buy 95.000 diapers for the children of the Resto du Coeur.

More information about NN Insurance



Socio-professional integration objective

The Federation of the Resto du Cœur aims to properly reintegrate its customers via a training structure focused on integration. So it called upon the Ministry of Employment and Training for the non-profit sector, with the objective to set up a project of socio-professional integration.

Appeal for food surpluses

The Federation of the Resto du Cœur would like to collect more food production surpluses in a process that meets the FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) standards. That’s why it actively calls upon Walloon, Flemish and Brussels companies.


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