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Our cost structure

Our cost structure:
less than 3% of all donations!

Good to know:

Thanks to our network of volunteers, the rigorous management of our resources and our food collections, we are one of the organisations with the lowest central admin costs in Belgium. In other words, 97.5% of every euro you donate to the Resto du Cœur goes straight to those who most need our help.

Belgian restos du coeur cost structure

In order to best help the poorest in our society, the Resto du Cœur need volunteers and a professional framework. The Resto du Cœur’s permanent teams of volunteers and employees ensure that our charity remains active all year round… They make it possible to fight hunger in an efficient way via faultless food distribution.

Though of course, the equipment and the running of each unit also generates expenses: rent, heating, electricity, water, etc.

Several years ago, hygiene standards were tightened. Major and essential investments were then made to ensure our work could carry on, on a daily basis.

The logistics centre in Fernelmont involves:

belgian restos du coeur logistic

The restaurants are able to carry out their missions thanks to:

  • Many generous, regular donors,
  • Donations and legacies,
  • Loyal partners offering a range of goods,
  • Large retailers giving away their surplus,
  • Employment aid enabling us to recruit staff.

Thanks to your generosity, the Federation of the Belgian Resto du Cœur is able to share out financial and food donations between their various food points. But not all units are equal in terms of resources and their funding isn’t limited to these donations. Luckily, some of them received subsidies or material support from their local or district council, from ministries (Home Affairs, Public Service of the Walloon Region), from welfare centres and foundations.

In other cases, organisations such as local charities, community clubs, parishes, trade associations or private societies enable the various regional Resto du Cœur to cover their costs.

Good to know:

The profits generated by the famous French tour of the Enfoirés and the commercial benefits from the sale of the “Les Enfoirés” CDs and DVDs in Belgium still have no effect on us. The Federation of the Belgian Resto du Cœur gets nothing from this windfall!


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